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Welcome to NARRAiTED!

NARRAiTED helps you craft your own Biography. To create your biography NARRAiTED will interview you, record your responses and once complete use those responses to write your story.

You can begin telling your story in three simple steps.

  1. Create your account and complete the setup wizard
  2. Answer questions about your life
  3. Share your Biography with friends and loved ones.

** NOTE - Free trial accounts are limited to answering up to 50 questions on a single chapter. A paid account is required for unlimited access. 

Pricing information can be found here: NARRAiTED Plans

Step 1 - Register and Login

You can create your NARRAiTED account and login by visiting www.narraited.com and selecting the Sign Up or Login buttons in the top right.

Step 2 - The Setup Wizard

When you login the first time you will be presented with a setup wizard which helps configure your biography to your liking. The wizard will also ask you some "base" questions which helps to ensure we ask appropriate questions later. Any question can be skipped by clicking the skip button.

Step 3 - The Interview portion

During the interview portion, questions will be asked based on the chapter you have selected. To begin answering questions click a chapter name from the list, and click "Start Chat". Our AI interviewer will begin asking you questions which you can reply to by typing your response, or speaking it.

To speak your answer click the microphone button, or type your response in the available box.

Did you know - NARRAiTED has an Android and Apple Mobile app that you can use to answer questions?

Download the NARRAiTED Mobile App from the Apple or Android App Stores

Android Download

Apple Download

Step 4 - Editing your Biography

NARRAiTED will use your responses to write each chapter, however these chapters can be edited as required. To edit a chapter click on the chapter. If questions have been answered you will see the written chapter. You can also click "Edit Chapter" located at the top of the page. At the bottom you will find a word editor where you can style, modify and even add pictures to your written chapter.

Step 4 - Viewing, editing and downloading your Biography

To view your entire biography click on "Read Now" on the "Your Generated Biography" Box.

To Download your Biography, Click Download Biography (top right) on the Generated Biography Page.

Thank you for giving NARRAiTED a try. 

Our full Knowledgebase is available here: NARRAiTED Knowledgebase

You can contact our support team at: [email protected]

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